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This Week in Tech (TWiT)

twit_podcast_1.jpgDavid Kaffine told me about the TWiT podcast a while back and it has become a lasting staple of mine.

It is one of the few “long” (~1 hour, give or take) podcasts I listen to, but it is very interesting.There is a regular crew of heavy-duty podcasters (Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak and a handful of others) who have really been around a lot of technology, especially web stuff. Most of them are heavy bloggers and several have been involved in podcasts or Internet “TV/radio” broadcasting for a long time.

Sometimes they get carried away with some sort-of inside jokes, but there are always a few hot, new, interesting things to learn about. (Plus they are mostly big Mac fans. :-)

Some recent things I’ve learned of from TWiT: Drupal, Twitter, Morgan Webb’s new WebbAlertMahalo.com, Revision3′s Tekzilla, and lots more.

iTunes Link for the podcast and the website is at twit.tv.

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