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WordPress from iPhone?

I know I’m kind of late to this, but I just got the wordpress app for the iPhone and I can actually post to my blog from the iPhone. What will they think of next? 10/30/09 Update: Just making sure I can update this from the new wordpress for iPhone version 2…and I can. Now [...]


Reset iSight camera on MacBook

It has happened twice recently that my iSight camera was stuck. First, I tried to use video-chat in Skype and got nothing, just a big black square. Confirmed it with PhotoBooth; camera light turned green like it thought it was working, but did not. I confirmed that About This Mac -> More Info could still [...]


Cameras PrefPane for OSX

Flexibits.com makes an OSX PrefsPane called Cameras that provides a critical feature: choose what to do when certain “cameras” are connected. I don’t always want iPhoto launching (and loading 7000 pictures *and* syncing my MobileMe galleries) when really I’m just interested in interested in quickly updating a few apps on my iPhone. With this, you [...]


iSquint is great at making iPod video files

iSquint.org offers a program (iSquint) to convert video files to other formats, most notably iPod format. I learned of it from Jesse David Hollington‘s column titled “The Complete Guide to iPod, iPhone and Apple TV Video Conversion (Mac)” at iLounge.com. An interesting (and accurate in my observation) point that Mr. Hollington makes is that while [...]

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