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David Pogue & BusinessWeek: Technology and You

These are my two of my favorite tech-podcasts. They are short (7-10 minutes) and always current and interesting. Sometimes they report on the same thing, but always in their own way.

David PogueDavid Pogue is a long-time Apple/Mac and Palm fan and as a rep of the New York Times, he was one of the very few to get an iPhone before release. This podcast is a “reading” of one of his columns, but I’ve found that it is more fun to listen to as he is very enthusiastic in his reading. (FYI: he is a big advocate of speech-to-text technology and he says he does not type very much, he talks to his computer, so I guess his real talking is just more interesting than the result of translating his talking to text for reading.)

Steve WildstromThe BusinessWeek podcast is done in an “interview” style wherean editor talks to Steve Wildstrom about a recent column and asks him questions to get him talking. Again, always current and interesting.

Pogue’s iTunes link and his website link.

BusinessWeek iTunes link and the website link.

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