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iSquint is great at making iPod video files

isquinttitle.png iSquint.org offers a program (iSquint) to convert video files to other formats, most notably iPod format. I learned of it from Jesse David Hollington‘s column titled “The Complete Guide to iPod, iPhone and Apple TV Video Conversion (Mac)” at iLounge.com. An interesting (and accurate in my observation) point that Mr. Hollington makes is that while QuickTime Pro can convert just any format to another, it does so very slowly. iSquint is much faster and has excellent defaults. It will even quietly convert a DiVX .avi (such as one might find via BitTorrent somewhere) to an even smaller iPod-ready MPEG-4 (.mp4) file.iSquint will graciously drop the new file into iTunes (in Movies) ready to be pushed over to an iPod with video smarts. It can also conveniently accept a drag’n'drop pile of files to be converted while you sleep. (Allegedly, ffmpegX can do this job well, too, but it requires that you install the Linux-grown (?) utilities such as ffmpeg separately. iSquint seems to be a very easy all-in-one solution.)

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