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Cameras PrefPane for OSX

Flexibits.com makes an OSX PrefsPane called Cameras that provides a critical feature: choose what to do when certain “cameras” are connected.

I don’t always want iPhoto launching (and loading 7000 pictures *and* syncing my MobileMe galleries) when really I’m just interested in interested in quickly updating a few apps on my iPhone.

With this, you can choose which app (iPhoto, ImageCapture, Aperture, Photoshop, backup/sync apps, or nothing) depending on which camera, which iPhone/iPod Touch, which memory cards, etc. Very cool.

The coolest part: Flexibits made this useful thing available for free once they learned that this feature will be built in to Snow Leopard. (Since I did not know about this before, it is more like getting a bonus Snow Leopard feature early!)

Another great tip from theĀ MacBreakWeekly podcast.

p.s. I think it might be about time I tried using this years-old blog for potentially useful things instead of pictures of sheep and Abe Lincoln.

2 Responses to “Cameras PrefPane for OSX”

  1. 1
    johndoe Says:

    my iphoto never launches when i sync my iPhone. i have been careful to create an iPhone album, and sync only that to my iPhone, and also to make it so that i have to manually sync my photos from my iPhone.

    so, while i agree with your philosophy, not certain i agree that the Flexbits thing is completely necessary …

    ++ k? bye.

  2. 2
    whysheep Says:

    Right; you can disable it, but it is for all cameras you connect. (Check prefs in Image Capture application).

    So maybe this Flexibits thing is really only useful if you have two or more camera that you ever connect…and you want to do something different with each of them.

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