New England Patriots 1999
These are photos from the front row seats from the last two games of the 1999 Patriots season. In week 16, the Patriots lost to Buffalo; Doug Flutie's last game of the season before getting benched for Rob Johnson. In week 17, the Patriots won big against the Baltimore Ravens to end the season 8-8.

Pete Carroll was fired on the following Monday.

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My Tebucky Jones #34 shirt, autographed by Tebucky and by Robert Kraft, 8/31/99
(click for a close-up of the shirt)

Prior to Adam Vinateri's third missed kick in the Buffalo game, the CBS cameras followed his emotional preparation and warm-ups.

And they also caught us on TV!

Pat Patriot

Coach Carroll


Sugarbear Ray Hamilton never stops talking to his players.

CBS eavesdropping on Coach Hamilton

NFL listening in.

Not playing today: Steve Israel, Ty Law, Tebucky Jones, and some monsterous guy.

Chad Eaton


Troy Brown...ready to receive.


Instant replay.

Pat came back.

Sugarbear is happy with Tedy

Ted Johnson

Tebucky Jones

Tebucky, helmet off.

The benches are heated.

Henry Thomas



Rah, rah!

Half-time show.


Lamont Warren has an excellent "hat"

Drew with Troy Brown and Shawn Jefferson

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