New England Patriots versus Miami Dolphins, December 22, 2001

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On this cold, cold day, the final regular season game, a chance to take the AFC East title away from Miami, John Reardon had a wild early-morning shopping trip to the grocery store and to Home Depot to get a nice little Smokey Joe.

[picture-a-thumb.jpg] John throwing a match in the grill. Burr is about to hide behind the truck.

[picture-b-thumb.jpg] Burr is bundled up good.

[picture-c-thumb.jpg] John and Burr are posing.

[picture-d-thumb.jpg] Dave Baker with many layers, too.

[picture-e-thumb.jpg] And now random pictures of the game...





[picture-j-thumb.jpg] ...and the half-time tribute to the old stadium with a player from each of the teams that played in this stadium.



[picture-m-thumb.jpg] ...and some balloons...