John Bardash took these pictures at the Final Midnight Party with his new super-duper zoom-lens Sony Mavica digital camera.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

[+++midnight-party-cristina-thumb.jpg] Cristina.

[+++midnight-party-dave-and-dave-thumb.jpg] Dave and Dave. Julie and Melissa. John and his finger.

[+++midnight-party-hello-thumb.jpg] Art.

[+++midnight-party-jen-thumb.jpg] Jen.

[+++midnight-party-jill-mab-marcel-thumb.jpg] From left to right: Topher, Jill, Melissa, and Marcel.

[+++midnight-party-jill-mab-thumb.jpg] Jill and Melissa.

[+++midnight-party-joe-art-thumb.jpg] Joe, Art, Pete.

[+++midnight-party-juno-efi-dvb-dab-thumb.jpg] Front row: Juneo, Erzsebet, and laughing Burrage. 2nd row: Baker. Parts of heads: Debbie Fratrolli, Leslie, Julie, Debbie.

[+++midnight-party-matt-thumb.jpg] Matt.

[+++midnight-party-nancy-and-matt-thumb.jpg] Nancy and Matt.

[+++midnight-party-nancy-thumb.jpg] And Miss Nancy again, this time a profile.

[+++midnight-party-pete-badger-thumb.jpg] Peter and John.

[+++midnight-party-the-kiss-thumb.jpg] Michael tells Tony a secret.

[+++midnight-party-the-prize-thumb.jpg] Jen waves the magic thingie for Anuj and Hollie

[+++midnight-party-tibor-thumb.jpg] Tibor.

[+++midnight-party-wiseguy-thumb.jpg] Tibor2.