We were the first place team all season, trying to draw that 4th place team from the other division to help launch us into a great playoff run. Turns out the 4th place team from E2 is a damn good team and we could not beat them. We played at home Tuesday and won 6-5 with a skeleton team. TJ joined us on Thursday and we were set up pretty well after the team matches (split 601s, took two of the crickets) to only need to split the 301s to advance, but we could not do it; we lost the last three 301s. Overall, we lost 5-6 which sent the playoff match into tie-breakers! After much urgent and difficult strategizing, we picked out "our best" 601, Cricket, and 301 teams and then lost two straight to fall right out of the playoff race. To their credit, the Lower Mills Pub team played even better the second night than they did the first night and individually, they were definitely a better and more experienced team than we were.